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The Department of General Medicine was first established in 1870, making it one of the largest and earliest department in Hospital Kuala Lumpur. Initially, the department started functioning through one outpatient clinic and two wards : namely Ward P1 and P2. Since then, it has grown and now consists of specialist clinics, around 10 medical wards, 300 beds and more or less 352 staff of various levels.

Starting off with one unit, the department has developed in the medical field over the years. It is now currently providing subspecialty services such as:

- Gastroenterology
- Infectious disease
- Nuclear medicine
- Haematology
- Respiratory

As in April 7 2003, another subspecialty unit : GENERAL INTERNAL MEDICINE has started functioning within the medical wards.

GERIATRIC MEDICINE is another new service that has just been introduced in HKL in mid 2003. This unit has started receiving patients in Ward 16 since June 16 2003.

HAEMATOLOGY is another subspecialty that will soon develop into its own Department in the future.

Provision of Holistic Patient Care as a team in the Specialty of Medicine and Medical Subspecialties, including curative, rehabilitative, preventive, promotive aspects using appropriate technology.

Training of doctors and all medical staff in the various grades such as house-officers, medical officers, postgraduate students in the Master of Medicine programme, specialists , as well as Medical technicians and nurses especially with regards of subspecialty training to provide prompt, safe and efficient services.

To promote research and audits to ensure and improve service quality.

To create safe and conducive working atmosphere and environment for the members of The Medical Department to work as a team to achieve their fullest potential in excellent performance.


The Department will continue to provide secondary and tertiary care for patients in the specialty of Internal Medicine and medically related subspecialties. The Department will also ensure the establishment of new specialties such as endocrinology, geriatrics and critical care medicine in the coming years.

Current services and future plans of the established subspecialties within the department are listed below:

General Internal Medicine

a) Out patient services
i) General internal medicine (Monday-Friday)
ii) Endocrine clinic with visiting Endocrinology Specialists (Every Wednesday)
iii) Cardiology clinic (CRP prog) (Every Thursday afternoon)
b) In patient services including Coronary Care Unit (CCU) and Cardio Rehabilitary Ward (CRW) Unit services
c) Cardio Rehabilitation Programme for Cardiac Disease patients
d) Echocardiography service
e) Cardiac Exercise Stress testing
f) Combined Physicians & Obstetrics Outpatient Clinics in Maternity Hospital, Kuala Lumpur


a) Gastroenterology and Hepatology out patient services
b) Inpatient services
c) Endoscopic Services : Upper Endoscopy (OGDS-diagnostic and therapeutic), Colonoscopy (diagnostic and therapeutic), ERCP (diagnostic and therapeutic), Endoscopic ultrasound, Oesophageal manometry (inclusing management of Achalasia Cardia) and 24 hours ambulatory pH studies and placement of Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy
d)24 hours emergency endoscopy services (haemetemesis and malena) Infectious Diseases
a) Out patient services
b) Inpatient services including isolation
c) ID rounds within General Intensive Care Unit (GICU) and Nephrology/Urology Intensive Care Unit(ICU) within Hospital Kuala Lumpur
d) ID rounds in National Heart Institute (IJN ) , Kuala Lumpur
e) Outpatient services on every Tuesday mornings in Hospital Sungai Buluh, Selangor
f) Inpatient services in Ward 54, Hospital Sungai Buluh, Selangor

Nuclear Medicine

a) Inpatient and out patient services
b) Services provided includes:
A. Treatment Radioactive Iodine (Iodine-131) for patients with relapse/ resistant thyroxicosis & Thyroid cancer patients
B. Investigations: Scans (Imaging Investigations) and Non Imaging Investigations


The geriatrics unit HKL received its first patient on 17th July 2003. Initial bed strength of 10 beds with plans for further expansion to 24 beds. It is managed by two geriatricians, a medical officer, sister and a team of ten nurses, five medical assistants with seven attendants. Members of the team include a physiotherapist and an occupational therapist.
a) Out patient services
b) Inpatient services
c) Domiciliary services


a) Outpatient clinics
b) Day care and apharesis
c) Inpatient services
d) Bone Marrow transplants - started in April 1999, up to August 2003, 52 cases of Allogenic and 46 cases of Autologous Stem Cells Tranplant have been performed

Contact Information

Tel     : 603 - 2615 5690 / 6996
Fax    : 603 - 2692 3021
Email : ubat@hkl.gov.my

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